Property registration & management on the leading online platforms

Create a listing and manage your property on the world’s leading platforms by defining the best description and price based on specific criteria.


The way and the right strategy to promote a property determines the number of reservations! We will design a marketing plan with goals, smart solutions and actions, creating a strategy that will help your property to stand out, our marketing team is making sure that the property is advertised on all social media and platforms to maximise its visibility.

Professional Photo shooting

Photos are one of the most important factors in achieving a reservation, the lure of a guest to come. The experience of our team with modern equipment will provide you with photos based on the requirements of each platform that will increase your reservations.

Check in – Check out

We are available 24/7 to personally and professionally welcome each guest, inform him or her about the house and the city and deal with any possible problem so the guest can be completely satisfied by providing the best possible experience and enjoying the hospitality.

Welcome basket

Upon arrival, the guest will enjoy a Welcome Basket, which will provide him with all the essentials for a pleasant stay giving him a taste of Hellenic hospitality.

24/7 Customer Service

We professionally serve every guest from the day they make their reservation until the day they leave the property, answering any questions about their reservation and their stay.

Housekeeping & Linen

The cleaning department of our company undertakes to clean and highlight the beauty and freshness of your house and your linen with the proper equipment and materials so that the guest can feel comfortable and enjoy his vacations.

Website & Logo

Website and logo are important factors in increasing your reservations. We will design and organise your website and your logo, providing the guest with a unique navigation experience, with flexibility and customisation across all devices (Mobile, Tablet and PC).

Accounting Services

We provide our clients with accounting services, ensuring reliable and quality accounting information and developing an ideal tax plan in line with the law.

Events & Activities

Our company provides your guests with Events and Activities, offering them an interactive stay.